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Bringing good governance main aim of PTI’s govt: Sarwar

LAHORE: Governor Punjab Chaudhary Mohamad Sarwar has said that government is ensuring good governance, merit and transparency.
He was talking to Members Provincial Assembly Sardar Malik Jahanzaib, Wasiq Qayyum, Ahmed Dogar, Syed Yawar Abbas, Malik Taimur Khan, Musarat Jamshed Cheema, Ex MPA Nabeela Hakim and Meher Yaqub here, who called him on at Governor’s House.
He said that every penny of national exchequer will be protected. Promise of devolution of power has been fulfilled in new local bodies act in Punjab. Steps taken by overseas Pakistani reflect their confidence in Prime Minister Imran Khan. .
He said that enemies are unhappy that Pakistan is progressing and they are trying to sabotage national progress. Policies of Imran Khan will solve all problems of nation including unemployment, terrorism and corruption. All conspiracies aiming to destabilize Pakistan will meet failure. Under leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan local bodies will be empowered and they will solve the problems of people at their doorsteps. We are disseminating powers to local bodies and implementing every point of our manifesto.
Governor Punjab said that nation is united to fight all challenges. Every person is standing by Pakistan Army in their war on terrorism. The major problem of Pakistan is corruption and looting of national resources. Economic policies of government are reviving the nation. —Online

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