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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers


Since the US decided to quit Afghanistan after its failure in conquering the land-locked country, there was once again some pressure on Pakistan to allow a base to the American forces, similar to the one which was occupied by the US in Peshawar. The Badapir base was a former United States Air Force – CIA listening post, used by the 6937th Communications Group from July 17, 1959, until being evacuated on January 7, 1970. In fact, after its failure in Afghanistan, the US wants to continue its hold in the region in some way or other. Instead of accepting the historical fact that no one can capture or occupy Afghanistan, it again tried to befool Pakistan by putting undue pressure on Pakistan. This time Prime Minister Imran Khan straightaway rejected to give any such facility to the US by saying ‘Absolutely not.
This rejection is a serious shock to the US leadership, who was not expecting any such bold reply from the Pakistani leadership. They only know and are in the habit of hearing ‘Yes Sir’ whenever they used to exploit us for their expansionist design. In fact, they are in the habit of ordering a plan and do not even want to hear how it is going to be executed, considering them as the sole superpower. It is also a fact that the US forces always failed to capture any country be it was Vietnam or Afghanistan. They are not going to accept this fact, considering their so-called superiority in the world.
A student of history should know as far as our beloved country is concerned that when Khan Liaquat Ali Khan ordered the US to vacate its base in Badapir, Peshawar, the result was before us in the form of his assassination in Rawalpindi. The murderer was shot dead soon after he committed the foreign-generated agenda in order to spoil the case. Actually, till now, the US was in the habit of listening’ sir’ from those sitting at the helm of affairs in Islamabad and not to even think of whispering ‘Absolutely not’.
As a quick punishment, then comes the spontaneous reaction in the form of the denial of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) decision of keeping Pakistan in the grey list despite the fact that we fulfilled 26 conditions or points out of 27. Actually, it was a political decision under the instigation of our rival bloc, particularly India.
Another punitive action was taken by starting another wave of terrorism in our country. The first and major example is the blast near the residence of Hafiz Saeed in Johar Town, Lahore.Hats off to our law-enforcing agencies and intelligence heroes, who came into action quickly and arrested the mastermind of the blast from Lahore Airport while he was trying to flee to Karachi and then his onward destination. The main culprit was also taken into custody and other perpetrators of the explosion from other cities. Their arrests not only deserve to applaud but they also sent a message to our enemies, particularly India and its master that we are not going to surrender before their nefarious and evil design-cum-agenda and not ready to compromise on our sovereignty. All the mentioned facts go in favor and credit to our law-enforcing agencies and intelligence heroes, but they at the same time demand from us as a nation to stand with the Prime Minister’s ‘Absolutely not’. These two words not only carry a denial but at the same time expect us to stand shoulder-and-shoulder with Prime Minister Imran Khan. If we want to live as a nation united against our enemies and stand against the nefarious design of our enemies who are out to damage us all the time. We should consider Imran Khan as our PM, ignoring all our political pride and prejudices. This is the only way to counter and foil the plan of our enemies. It is the time when we have to prove that we are a brave nation and ready to sacrifice everything that comes in our way of sovereignty and dignity. No doubt, our enemies already know this fact but we have to prove it with our actions and deeds.
One must keep this fact in mind that living with dignity among the comity of nations is the sole and only way as far as our existence is concerned. Our geopolitical position also demands us to standby with the prime minister’s words ‘Absolutely not.’ Despite being a divided nation with some people playing or working in the hands of their personal as well as foreign agendas, we should throw away hatred against him till this critical or crucial phase is over.
Brave nations always face tough times with courage and a positive approach and not bowing before any other’s plan and playing in their hands. In another case, we as a nation and country stand nowhere and this fact should be kept in mind by both sides of the political divide of the country. At the same time, we must also keep this fact in mind not to extend any begging bowl before others, be it would be the world economic dacoits, who exploit the poor countries in one way or the other.

The writer is the Assistant
Editor of Daily The Business

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