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Azaadi – A good shot to highlight sufferings of Kashmiris

By Sonia Akmal Quereshi

LAHORE: Azaadi starring Moammar Rana, Sonya Hussain and Nadeem Baig released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2018.
It is an action, romantic, drama and emotional film based on Kashmir conflict and portrays suffering of Kashmiris very beautifully. Nadeem Baig playing as father of Azad devoted his life for Kashmir freedom. Moammar Rana as Azad is playing a role of Mujahid, who fights for freedom of Kashmir after a mishap with her sister and this is the turning point of the film from where the film moves ahead.
Whereas Sonya Hussain is playing a female leading role as a journalist, who for the first time interviews Mujahidin and came to know about their sufferings.
Film basically shows how Kashmiris are being tortured by Indian Armed Forces, how international and national media has titled Mujahideen as terrorists, how Kashmiris are being deprived of their rights, girls are being harassed by the Indian soldiers. All Kashmir related problems are rightly expressed in the film in a natural way and this is the beauty of the film.
It is written, directed and co-produced by Imran Malik with his brother Irfan Malik under the banner of their father Pervez Malik Production.
Music is given by Sahir Ali Bagga and Bobby Wazir. Lyrics of the songs Laggiyan and Mihya Ve and voice behind them are heart touching, charming and beautiful.
The scenes and beauty of Jammu and Kashmir are captured very skillfully and beautifully.
If we talk about characters and acting Sonya and Nadeem acted in a natural way and they have done remarkable work.
Moammar Rana made a comeback after a very long time and people were expecting a lot but unfortunately he failed to leave a mark. His action, voice pitch and expressions were same as they were in Punjabi movies.
His expressions and acting was too dramatic and unnatural similarly few other characters too lacked expressions. Azadi is somehow praised due to its main theme. Film has no ending as struggle continuous. Film is made just to motivate people and depicts the true sufferings of Kashmiris and it brought the true face of the Indians on Kashmir issue. Somehow, film inspires us and creates passion and fervour as we are emotionally attached to Kashmir. So to get inspired give a watch to it!

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