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Avanceon to introduce future strategy and new subsidiary

Our Special Correspondent

Lahore: Avanceon Ltd hosted its Analyst Briefing on Monday April 29,
2019. The main focus of the briefing revolved around the successful
conclusion of Highway 50, annual results of 2018, the outline of
Avanceon Ltd.’s future strategy Mission 2020 and the introduction of
its new subsidiary Octopus Digital.

Coming off yet another highly successful year in terms of revenue
recognition, Avanceon Ltd.’s CEO and Founder Bakhtiar H. Wain
discussed the new Mission 2020 commitment at length. Founder and CEO
covered all the different aspects of the new strategy and how it is
expected to affect the future of the company. Mission 2020 is the
result of a deep and frank analysis of Avanceon’s existing strengths,
the potential it sees in different sectors and regions and most
importantly the future of the automation industry.

Asmar A. Atif introduced Octopus Digital, Avanceon Ltd.’s new digital
arm. The fifteen-year veteran has extensive experience in Industry 4.0
and the impact it is expected to have on the future of industrial
automation. Asmar Atif gave an overview of the new product Octopus
Digital will be launching in Pakistan and how it will add value to
Avanceon’s existing customer base. The new subsidiary’s introduction
was followed by a live demonstration of the product.

Chief Financial Officer Saeed Ullah Khan Niazi presented Avanceon
Ltd.’s performance over the fiscal year 2018. He also discussed the
key growth areas and the projections for the years 2019 and 2020. In
addition, Saeed Ullah Khan Niazi shared the current corporate
structure of the company and how investors and shareholders can
benefit from becoming its stakeholders.

Bakhtiar H. Wain expressed his views on Mission 2020 and Octopus Digital,
‘One has to think of a bigger challenge the moment you meet one. Our
Mission 2020 challenge promises to test us to the fullest We are
confident that the investment in this new line of business would prove
to be the most stellar value proposition for our investors.’
Avanceon Ltd and its subsidiaries remain committed to its
shareholders, investors and customers. A large turnout of key
investors, analysts and members of the media attended the Analyst

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