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Annual CEO communication session takes place across Descon

LAHORE: Descon Engineering, a premier EPC company in Pakistan conducted their Bi -Annual CEO Communications sessions to further their foundation of trust and open communication.
These sessions were carried out across all Descon operations in Pakistan and overseas. Carried out in March and May, the event was opened by Ahsan Qureshi, CHRO whofurther passed it on to Abdul Razak Dawood, CEO.
Speaking on the current situation and future plans of Descon, the intention was to keep all the employees aware of the progress made in the last year.
Awareness on filters of Talent AssessmentProgram (TAP), a biennial activity conducted to assess the leadership potential of current employees was also included in the event where the CEO talked about the 9-box grid and Descon Talent Management Process (DTMP). The 9-box grid is a succession planning and employee development tool used in the Talent Assessment Program in the form of a grid that places employees in different boxes based on their performance and potential
Aspart of this discussion, the process of identifying TAPPERs, employees who make it to the 9-box grid based on meeting several internally defined assessment criteria, was also discussed.
Mr. Ahsan Qureshi shared his views and stated that, “We are fully committed to the flow of open and honest communications across all levels of our organization. We want our employees to know where we stand and what the future holds for Descon. The CEO Communication sessions play an integral part in making this possible.”
These sessions also included the recognition and appreciation of those who had exhibited key behaviors of Descon’s core values.Employees were also given a platform to voice questions, which were personally addressed by the CEO and Leadership Team.
The OPPO’s demonstration, 5G Video Call with 3D Structured Light Technology, utilized a customized OPPO R11s with integrated structured light camera. The demo collected the color and 3D depth information of the target object by using RGB and the structured light camera of the phone. This information, transmitted under a 5G environment, finally displayed the target object in a remote display screen.—PR

3D dynamic modeling is the basis for 3D video calling

Bai Jian, the Director of the Hardware Research Center of OPPO Research Institute, said, ‘The success of the 5G video call utilizing 3D structure light technology demonstrates our innovation direction powered by the understanding of users’ need and cutting-edge technology. OPPO will commercialize the application of 3D structured light technology in smartphones and bring the groundbreaking technology to our customers in approximately 6 months. ’

Bai Jian, the Director of the Hardware Research Center of OPPO Research Institute

‘OPPO engaged in 5G research and development as early as 3 years ago, and has been actively participating in the international standardization to develop 5G products. In January 2018, we announced the 5G pilot program with Qualcomm Technologies, and are dedicated to becoming the first smartphone manufacturers to launch 5G handsets in 2019. ’ said Tang Hai, Director of the Standardization Research Group of OPPO Research Institute.

Tang Hai, Director of the Standardization Research Group of OPPO Research Institute

Featuring the high speed (eMBB), large capacity (mMTC), and low-latency (URLLC), the 5G technology is considered as a new start of mobile telecommunication of industry. As early as the standardization and the maturity of the eMBB, OPPO is to integrate the 5G network with other new imaging and sensor technologies, and to realize the core user scenarios with Ubiquitous Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Joint Reality.

Chen Yan, the Director of Software Research Group of OPPO Research Institute

Chen Yan, the Director of Software Research Group of OPPO Research Institute, said that the Mobile internet is blurring the boundary between the physical world and digital world, while 3D content will be a factor to further improve the immersive user experience. With imaging technology and a unique insight into the needs of our users, OPPO commits to provide innovative application scenarios in the future. By utilizing 3D structured light technology, users will be provided unprecedented mobile experience and possibilities such as Secure Payment, 3D Reconstruction, AR and Gaming, etc.

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