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Ali Zafar’s wife says handling son was the most difficult part of year-long ordeal

In her first media appearance since her husband, famed singer Ali Zafar,  was accused of sexual harassment by fellow celebrity Meesha Shafi, Ayesha Fazli said that the most difficult part of her family’s one year struggle to prove Zafar’s innocence was to handle their son.

“He (Ali and Ayesha’s son) was just an eight-year-old and when these allegations were leveled against his father. People were coming to our house like one of us had died and you know how it could effect an eight-year-old,  then I had to sit with him and make him understand what is going on. I had to tell him that your father is a nice individual who helps others and if someone says anything negative, just ignore it,” Ayesha Fazli said during ARY News’ morning show ‘Bakhabar Savera’.

She added that even today, when her son watches what is going on on social media and television and when his friends ask him about the whole fiasco in school, things get really difficult and painful for the family.

When asked about her tweet in which she said that “the cyber bullying and betrayal by friend(s) has been a big eye opener. Even if Ali lets it go, I will see through it”, Ayesha Fazli said that it is unimaginable for her to forgive Meesha Shafi and people behind the defamatory campaign after what she has gone through for a year amidst a court battle.

It is pertinent to note here that in April 2018, singer Meesha Shafi, in a post shared on micro-blogging site Twitter, claimed that she had been subjected to sexual harassment “of a physical nature” by Ali Zafar on multiple occasions.

The singer-cum-actress used the hashtag #MeToo to link it with an international movement against sexual harassment and assault.

Ali Zafar has since been fighting an intense court battle while a social media campaign urging everyone to boycott him over these allegations has also been running on social media.

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