Access to cheap electricity isn’t possible without construction of dams: Sheikh Tahir Anjum

By Our Staff Reporter

LAHORE: The Chairman of Mustafai Business Forum of Pakistan, Sheikh Muhammad Tahir Anjum has said that around 12 billion units of electricity could be added to the national grid annually only with the construction of Kala Bagh Dam. He said that access to cheap electricity isn’t possible without the construction of dams.

He was presiding over a high-level meeting of Mustafai Business Forum here on Wednesday. Speaking at the occasion, he said that the government should immediately start work on Kala Bagh Dam, Bhasha and Manda Dam, as the entire nation stands with them.

Anjum said that the entire nation was spending over the worth of Rs 250 billion on expensive electricity through IPPs, which was going into the pockets of only a few power producers. The previous governments had mortgaged the nation by making agreements with IPPs on irrational and inappropriate terms.

He maintained that today the biggest burden on the people is the utility bills due to which the life of the common man has become unbearable. The unit price of electricity should be fixed at Rs10 and construction of dams should be started immediately to generate cheap electricity, he added.

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