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Abandoned cub gets new lease on life in Lahore Safari Zoo

LAHORE: A lion cub, born at Lahore Safari Zoo, has been given a second chance at life after being abandoned by his mother. These days, the cub is being looked after by staff at Lahore Safari Zoo in order to ensure its survival.
The lion cub, who is a few weeks old, is primarily being taken care of by Dr Madiha Ashraf who is a veterinarian at the zoo. Instead of the lion enclosure, the mischievous cub lives at her office where his diet and health are strictly monitored. “The cub is being fed a diet of substitute milk imported from abroad,” she says. According to veterinary experts, big cats are known to abandon their offspring if they sense that the cub is weak and unlikely to survive. As a result, the mother rejects the cub, refuses to feed it and does not allow it to come near. Sometimes, lionesses eat the frail cub. “When a lioness rejects her cub, we wait a few days before taking any action in case she has a change of heart,” says Ashraf. “However, if she continues to distance herself, the cub is then fed a substitute diet in order to maintain its health and ensure its survival,” she adds. —APP

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