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5th CAC Expo will make Pakistani farmers, industrialists aware of new innovations: Four Brothers Group Chairman

The impact of the cheap solar energy will pave ways for hydroponic plantation which will increase agricultural produce and there will be no shortage of the tomatoes like items, Engr. Jawed Saleem Qureshi”

By M Jahangir Hayat

LAHORE: The 5th CAC Exhibition will make the Pakistani farmers and agriculture sector aware of the latest innovations as it has provided ample opportunity to all stakeholders to see what new is happening in the sector.

These views were expressed by Chairman Four Brothers Group and CAC Summit and Exhibition Orgnizer Engr Jawed Saleem Qureshi while talking to Daily The Business here the other day.
He said that the Pakistani and Chinese agri sectors have joined forces to be able to benefit from each others’ advancements in the sector as under one roof all agricultural requisites and essentials including seed, chemical, fertilizers, machinery, etc are invited to install stalls of their products.
My own Group Four Brothers has introduced two latest kinds of cotton, including Hataf and Ghori and hopefully in 2020 we will be marketing the cotton. Earlier single gene cotton was in which has miserably failed here and the one (Hataf and Ghori) we have introduced triple-gene cotton.

“The farmers will be happy to know that cotton is alive in Pakistan and he must not be desperate as the both Hataf and Ghori will be give yields upto 40 to 50 monds per acre , protecting the farmers who have been facing mega losses. Ghulani sundi has been the most dangerous disease for the crop of the cotton and from now own-ward Hataf and Ghori will make a difference by protecting the crops against the aliment,” he said, adding that the issue was long outstanding which will be solved.
Quoting the example of the new products of his company he said that such exhibition plays very vital role in enabling the inventors of both home and abroad to showcase their invention under one-roof, he said, answering a question that over 70 foreign and 15 local companies have showcased their new products.
When asked why the number of the local industrialists is very low he answered that the Pakistani businessmen are actually afraid of the cost of going to such events; infect such events are the life line of any business. After showcasing invention discovered by some company in such events the business always gains momentum. Not only personal growth takes place but national also.
He believed that the Pakistani businessmen should join and participate in such expos not for themselves but also for the country.
In answer to a question about what are the major agri-products are produced in Pakistan that could be exported, he replied that Smart Pesticide is a product manufactured by Four Brothers Company which is being exported to world around and being registered.
“The specialty of the product is that one it is spared the plants
never get depressed and even further grow. This is one unique feature of the product while when we spare any other pesticides the plants at once get deponent. We have the patent rights of the company and world over the rights are being registered. In the March 2019, we have introduced the product in China Qureshi.
When asked what the major companies have participated in the expo, he answered that Hudsman and other Chinese companies are there.
He believed that the successful organization of the 5th CAC Summit and Exhibition will ensure that the Pakistani agricultural sector is in the safe hands and it will grow further.
To a question about to do against TiDi Dal in Sindh, he said that this is very minor sect which will itself finish with once rain-fall.
Unfortunately, this time the government has taken no beforehand measures. This should have been killed with one spare when it took to its root from Iran to Pakistan.
Talking about, tomatoes acute shortage he said that it is sheer incompetence that tomatoes shortage has taken place.
“We the Pakistani are being provided electricity for very high prices that have destroyed both local and export industries. Those who installed such the high cost power plants have not planned accurately and forgotten the side effects.
The government has announced to facilitate the solar energy projects but it should also announce incentives to make the project a success,” he stated, adding that the government should announce tax-holiday for those who opt to install and generate solar energy.
“The impact of the cheap solar energy will pave the ways for hydroponic plantation which will agricultural produce and there will be no shortage of the tomatoes like items in the country”, he concluded.

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