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Strong brotherly bonds exist between Azerbaijan, Pakistan: Ambassador

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada has expressed gratitude to Pakistani Government and people for continued cooperation, support and interest to further expand and strengthen bilateral relations adding celebration of Azerbaijan National Day and 100th Anniversary of Azerbaijan Diplomacy in Pakistan was a clear manifestation of strong brotherly bonds between the two countries.
Ambassador Alizada made these remarks while speaking on the occasion of National Day and 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan diplomacy. A large number of guest hailing from various walks of life attended the reception.
Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed was the chief guest while many MPs also attended the event.
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed also spoke on the occasion and hoped relations between the two countries will become even strong in the coming days.
He assured Pakistan will continue its wholehearted support to Azerbaijan on the issue of Nagorno-Karabakh.
Ambassador Ali Alizada furtehr said “ I congratulate all my countrymen on the occasion of National Day and all employees of our diplomatic service of Azerbaijan on 100th Anniversary of Azerbaijan diplomacy and want to reiterate that, as the successor of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic the modern, emerging, stable, prosper and peaceful Azerbaijan remain committed to further strengthen and deepen relations with brotherly Pakistan”.
We are grateful to Pakistan’s stand on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict which always supported and supports fair position of Azerbaijan and condemns aggressor Armenia because of its occupation of the 20 % of internationally recognized Azerbaijani territories. Azerbaijan also always stand with and supports Pakistan in all issues.
Azerbaijan and Pakistan are bound by the relations strong friendship and strategic partnership which reflects the will of our fraternal nations as well andboth countries attach great importance to its relations with each other. The relations between our two brotherly states accelerated and now demonstrate a rare example of solidarity.
He said there will direct flight operations between two countries. As a sign of close friendship and cooperation State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) offered oil and oil products to Pakistan with deffered payment and Economic Coordination Commitee alllowed PSO to sign agreement in this field.
He said last year SOCAR has also proposed investment project in Pakistan which is under consideration by Pakistani Government too.
In 2018, Azerbaijan and Pakistan have also started relations between space agencies of our countries for the first time and I am sure that it will also bring positive impact to our bilateral relations soon. There are a lot of fields in our relations where we can continue to speak positively and it makes us very happy.
While giving a historical perspective the Ambassador said, 101 years ago, for the first time, on the date of May 28, 1918 a democratic republic was established in the Muslim East in Azerbaijan.
The establishment of a democratic republic for the first time in this region was a great achievement of the Azerbaijani people and its sovereign territory was 114,000 square kilometers.
The official state attributes of Azerbaijan – the national tricolor flag and anthem were adopted, the national Azerbaijani currency – manat was issued, Azerbaijani language was declared the official language and state institutions, parliament, armed forces of Azerbaijan were also created.
He said on July 9, 1919, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic established its first Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which marks this year its centenary – 100th Anniversary of its historical creation. —APP

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