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Govt notifies names for Islamabad child protection advisory Board

ISLAMABAD: While fulfilling its international obligations towards child rights protection in Pakistan, the government on Friday notified names for child protection advisory Board under Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Child Protection Act, 2018.

Ministry of Human Rights has established child protection Board under provisions of the Act as Minister for Human Rights would be pattern, secretary Ministry of Human Rights as chairperson of the Board with six ex-officio members including additional draftsman of the Ministry of Law and Justice, chief commissioner of the ICT, senior superintendent of ICT Police (operation), secretary of the National Commission on Status of Women, director general National Commission for Human Rights, Mayor of the ICT.

The other four members of the Board are Sharafat Ali Chaudhry advocate of the Islamabad High Court,   specialist from NGO Dr.Robina Farid, social scientist Dr Ambreen Ahmad and representative from minorities Ashfaq William.

A member of the advisory Board Sharafat Ali Chaudhry expressed that informed that in order to provide for protection and care of children in ICT from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury, neglect, maltreatment, exploitation, abuse and matters the Act was promulgated.

He said that Board will advise the government on matters relating to policy, legislation and implementation of the rights of the child protection and care contained in domestic laws and international obligations.

Besides, the Board will ensure effective coordination and implementation of the child protection in addition to maintain a child protection and care management information system and sponsor research to generate information, analysis and studies  on child protection and care issues in Pakistan.

Sharafat told that under the Act, the Board will recognize, regulate and inspect all caregiver organizations as to whether they are functioning in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the rules made  there under whereas the Board will also submit annual report to the government at the end of each financial year.

The Board will perform such other functions and exercise such other powers as may be necessary for carrying out the purpose of the Act and to implement the policy directives issued by the government, from time to time , for the protection of and care of children in federal capital.

The Board will constitute such committees as it deems necessary and delegate any of its powers and functions or assign duties in connection to its powers and functions as it may deem necessary for giving effect to the provision of the Act.

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