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Is NAB’s only purpose to make cases, says CJP

By Our Staff Correspondent

KARACHI: Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa on Thursday took the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to task while rejecting the bureau’s appeal against the acquittal of a suspect in a corruption case and asked what the role of the accountability watchdog was.
“What does the NAB do after all? Is NAB’s only purpose to make cases?” he asked.
A three-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by CJP Khosa heard the accountability bureau’s appeal against the acquittal of a suspect named Attaullah during which the top judge remarked: “NAB should think about how its only purpose is not to make cases, the only purpose is not to ‘pakar dhakkar’ [catch and push] around [suspects].”
“NAB should also attach evidence for those who it has made cases against,” he added.
The suspect, who was accused of corruption as a cashier at National Bank, was acquitted by a high court four years ago. NAB had appealed the SC against his acquittal.
“For 19 years, the suspect was being troubled,” the chief justice remarked, adding that there was not enough evidence to prove corruption.
While asking what the purpose of the bureau was, the top judge remarked: “NAB’s purpose is also to prove a case and have a suspect punished,” he said, adding that because of the bureau’s attitude, people were under mental pressure.
Separately, the apex court also rejected another appeal by NAB against a high court order regarding a deputy superintendent of police Jahan Khan in an assets beyond means case.

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