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BISP striving hard to alleviate poverty, empower women

Punjab Chapter will pay RS 9.25b to 2m beneficiaries before Eid: Director Amina Shabbir

By K A Mian

LAHORE: The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) is striving hard to alleviate the poverty, empower women, enhance capacity and retrieve from miserable life and provide them prestigious/ esteemed place/position in society to all its beneficiaries through social mobilization and crystal clear process of transfer money assistance.
The main responsibility and prime objective of the BISP is to transfer the money to all its beneficiaries through a transparent mechanism and supervised and monitored the whole process of fund transfer to desire receivers till execution after each quarter throughout the year.
Its long term objectives include meeting the targets of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to eradicate extreme and chronic poverty and empowerment of women. Today, the BISP has been transformed into the phase of extreme transparency where nobody can steal a single piney from assistance money of the beneficiaries instead of willingly. The BISP is dedicated to fight poverty by employing multiple social protection instruments designed to bring a sustainable positive change in the lives of persistently excluded and deprived families.

These views were expressed by Amina Shabbir, Director Headquarters, Benazir Income Support Programme, Punjab while talking to Daily The Business at her Regional office Model Town Lahore here the other day.
She said that an amount of Rs15.93 billion for the third quarter, January to March, has been released for its 4.31 million beneficiaries throughout the country. Ms Amina says that The BISP provincial headquarters of Punjab is fully committed to pay Rs 9.25 billion to its 200,000 lac beneficiaries. Each of the beneficiaries would be paid Rs5000 for three-month, as an assistance to supplement their domestic expenses, she maintained, adding that all payment would be mad before Eid-ul-Fitr to all its beneficiaries across the province of Punjab.
She expressed that as the prime vision of BISP is to eradicate the poverty and elevate the status of marginalized and under privileged sections of society, especially women, through establishment of comprehensive Social Protection Network. In this regard, Benazir Debit Card (BDC) was introduced earlier which has been transformed one step ahead and converted it into Biometric Verification System (BVS) on modern technology. Now the women can get her own money after thumb impression or verification to get rid from fraud any possible, she vowed.

While expressing her pleasure to server the humanity she said:

 “happiness may have different meanings for different people but we can all agree that it means working hard and individual contribution to end conflict and poverty from our beloved country where so many of our fellow human beings live”.

At the end, she appealed the citizen and especially the beneficiaries to contact their nearest Tehsil office of BISP or call at BISP helpline 0800-26477 in case of any complaint.

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