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ITP, Operational Police’s joint venture causing traffic jams in federal capital

By Our Staff Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has been issuing fine tickets to the road users by stopping them at police pickets erected along with Operational Police, and this practice is causing huge traffic jams during peak hours. ITP has found the easiest way to issue fine tickets to the motorists by stopping them at police pickets set up along with Operational Police, but this practice is creating serious problems for the road users during peak hours and leading towards uncalled traffic jams.
A number of motorists shared their experiences and observations over this unhealthy exercise of ITP during rush hours especially in the month of Ramazan with this official news agency of being trapped in the traffic jams for a long time on daily basis The police pickets have been erected at 13 various points including Faizabad, PWD, G-11, E-11, Zero Point and Police Foundation where huge flow of traffic is observed throughout the day.
Abdul Hameed, a road user, said the ITP officials are present at the pickets along with cops of Operational Police during peak hours for issuing tickets to slow paced vehicles’ drivers, for not fastening seat belts, using mobile phones or other violations.
The space around police pickets is not enough for parking the vehicles separately to these violators which obviously leads towards traffic jams there during peak hours, he added.
Despite clear direction from the interior ministry to improve traffic discipline in the city, an senior journalist said apparently, it seems the message has been taken in wrong spirit as their focus is limited to issue tons of tickets to road users instead of educating them. He was of the opinion that the ITP cops seems not to be interested in educating road users any more, but want to get their slick 25 per cent share on every ticket that they tear from their book.
He said just getting punitive and issuing tickets indiscriminately will not make roads of Islamabad safer but certainly it will be an extra addition to their income besides their monthly salaries before the Eidul fitr.
Patrolling of policemen and observing traffic discipline on various roads has become rare, he added. Motorists expressed the hope that the higher authority would takes notice of this brazen attitude of the ITP as unfortunately, ITP officials have forgotten how to be decent and they first snatch or take away cars’ keys and especially from motorcyclists.
When contacted, police high-up confirmed that 13 check-up pickets have been set up to monitor the traffic violations in the city.
He said it is aimed to achieve better discipline on roads for smooth flow of traffic and clear directions have been made to check road violations without causing inconvenience to road users. He was of the view that these joint pickets are aimed at maintaining traffic discipline in the city and better results would be achieved in the coming days.
SP Potohar visit Taxila Ramadan Sasat Bazaar to review security arrangements
Superintendent of Police (SP) Potohar Capt (R) Dost Muhammad Wednesday visited Ramazan Sasta Bazaar set up in Taxila to review the security arrangements, a police spokesman said. He termed the security arrangements satisfactory and directed to further enhance the security of bazaars, mosques, Imambargahs and worship places to protect the people during the sacred month. He directed the police officers to curb crime and to provide foolproof security to the masses during the holy month of Ramazan.
He said negligence would not be tolerated adding strict action would be taken against those found negligent in performing their duties.
He also directed that vehicles should be parked at distance of 200 yards to ensure foolproof security of Ramazan Sasta Bazaars.

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