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‘5m housing units can create jobs for 25pc youth’

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ISLAMABAD: Construction of 5 million housing units for homeless Pakistanis can create job opportunities for 25 percent unemployed youth of the country. Talking to mediamen on Sunday Chief Executive Officer of well-known construction firm Habib Rafiq Construction Malik Muhammad Aslam said that with the utilization of modern technology a housing unit for family of five persons could be constructed in Rs 1.5 million.
He said that by getting vacated one per land allocated for government offices in all housing societies, the dream of cheap houses for the poor could be realised. He proposed that instead of imposing ban on launch of housing societies on agricultural land, law should be introduced for allocation of 10 per cent land of each unit should for agricultural purpose.
He said that foreign construction firms could be involved in joint venture housing projects with local firms which would also prove helpful in transfer of technology. He said that in big cities of Lithuania the consumers do not purchase fruits and vegetables from the market as 10 per cent land of housing units has been allocated for produce of fruits and vegetables. He said introduction of a similar law in Pakistan could ensure provision of fresh fruits and vegetables for the residents of big cities.
He said as per law one per cent land of each housing society in Pakistan is earmarked for public sector offices. However this land is often occupied by land mafia and people involved in China cutting. He said if the government prepared a plan for taking possession of this land from all societies, this land can be utilised for construction of housing units for low income groups.
He said that in many parts of the world housing projects have been launched on prefabricated built in technology and this technology can also be used in Pakistan to provide shelter to

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