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Deputationists a major hurdle in officers’ promotion

By Javed Iqbal

LAHORE: The grade-18 officers of the General Cadre may once again lose a chance of their promotion in the upcoming Provincial Selection Board (PSB) 1 meeting owing to multiple factors Daily The Business has learnt reliably, on Friday. If the PSB 1 considers the promotions ofsuch officers astable agenda the

government would have to repatriate the services of nearly 50 officers posted against encadred posts.

All the officers coming from other services like Income Tax, Office Management Group, Commerce and Trade, Postal Service, etc and posted on deputation against key positions like additional secretaries, special secretaries and even secretary have links to the power corridors.

It would be very difficult to remove such officers from the offices they have been holding to promote the general cadre officers. Currently, there are about 100 officers of other services posted against ex- cadre and encadred posts in Punjab. A good number of over 50 officers have been occupying the encadred seats.

As per the sources these officers have been occupying very important slots not only in the Civil Secretariat, the Chief Minister office but also in the field formations. Such officers have the privilege to have posting one step higher than their original pay scales.

Sources in the Civil Secretariat further disclosed that such officers who hold positions on deputation is one of the major reasons for deferring the grade-18 officers cases.

The last board meeting for promotion of grade-18 officers was held in March 2018. It is a common practice that the PSB 1 and 2 held twice in a year to promote the officers. Asenior officer of the provincialservice told thisscribe thatsome of the provincial Management Service (PMS) officials approached the Chief Secretary office in recent past who assured them that their cases would be considered in the Selection Board. It would be relevant to mention here that the cases under question were included in the selection board meeting scheduled in March 2019 which could not meet as the chiefsecretary Yusuf Naseem Khokhar was not available. Now when the date of the new Selection Board meeting has been announced on April 29. There are bleak chances for con-
sideration of the grade-18 officers for promotion to next grade. Further, officers of technical services are also holding posts over and above their quota. This is also a reason for non-holding of PSB-I meeting for promotion from BS-18 to BS-19. The sources further told that all the working papers for promotion to grade 19 have been prepared. However, they said that one reason of the delay was creation of the deputation training leave (DTL) slots. Theoretically, there are vacant posts in the government departments but deputationists have been occupying these cadred seats and without removing them, it would be hard for the selection

board to promote the said officers. One of the other reason is the officers posted as own pay scale (OPS). The encadred posts are specified for the PMS and PAS officers but the deputationists usually occupy them using their links and sources.
Since all the promotions are subject to the availability of vacancy as there is no vacancy so there would be least chances of promotion of grade-18 officers to grade-19.
It isto be recalled thatsome of the provincial service officers have also filed a writ petition in the court for implementation of new promotion ratio that is 37 for the Secretariat Service and 63 for the PCS executive. Moreover, some retired officers have also approached the Lahore High Court for implementation of the Punjab service tribunal order on the revised ratio. They are of the view that the PST order should be implemented in letter and spirit with effect from back

dates as well.Justice MuhammadAmeer Bhatti has issued direction to Chief Secretary in a writ petition filed by Muhammad Nadir Khalique Case#:’CM/1/24819/19′ to decide the case

within one month. The Secretariat Service officers have also approached the LHC for implementing the PST judgment from 2004.

Secretary services Abdullah Khan Sumbal when contacted for comments, he said that the cases of PMS grade-18 officers would be considered later on as his office started working on it.

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