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Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences, Baqai medical University participated in 7th international conference on endorsing health science research

KARACHI: Since the establishment of Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in 1996, it had remain as one of the prominent institute of pharmacy education in Baqai Medical University, recognized by the Pakistan Pharmacy Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Moving back to the history the students studying in this institute, through hard work and their devotion, had played in an important role in various domains and their continuous achievements lead to the persistence of the institute as the premier center for education as well as research.
One such remarkable achievement was the representation of Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical sciences in 7th international conference on endorsing health science research* on 20th April ’ 2019 conducted by the AEIRC in commemoration of world health day in collaboration with World Health Organization WHO, where postgraduate research fellow, Dr. Zuneera Akram, presented the institute, currently enrolled in PhD (pharmacology) where her research was appreciated with extraordinary remarks by the ICEHSR judges. Her study recognized as best research paper in oral category.

For the 7th international conference on endorsing health science research, there were 160+ research abstract from all around Pakistan presented by different medical and health sciences students, researchers, and professionals. The researches were presented through 2 methods, i.e. through poster presentation or either by the oral presentation divided into 5 categories, i.e. A, B, C, D and E respectively according to the method of presentation and the titles of the research. Since words are more authorative in permeating the influence, Zuneera opted for oral presentation representing her Abstract titled as Invivo Antidiabetic effect of Ethanolic extract of Grewia asiatica on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetes Albino Rats. Her supervisor for this research was Prof. Dr. Rehana Perveen, Chairperson, department of pharmacology, Baqai institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Baqai medical University.

As soon as the research study was selected for the conference, Zuneera along with her coauthors Ms. Aisha Noreen and Dr. Muzammil Hussain, and the supervisor Prof. Dr. Rehana Perveen  had been working hard in order to present her institute the best way she could and her devotion as well as constancy bought an accomplishment for the institute.

The ICEHSR judges appreciated the efforts of an emerging researcher, and also recognized such a perceivable research study.

We would like to congratulate the Baqai Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences for such a big achievement and acknowledge all of the struggles as well as the endeavors of every single person who is proudly claiming oneself as a BIPSian with the dedication.

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