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Rain with thunder to lash Karachi tonight: Met Office

KARACHI: Rain with thunder will lash the metropolis tonight and tomorrow, the director of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) said on Monday.

 A brief — but intense — dust storm hit the metropolis Sunday night, dispersing sand around the city and downing trees in some areas. PMD Director Sardar Sarfaraz said, “Last night’s dust storm was stronger than expected. Winds blew at a speed of 65km/h and reduced the visibility to 500 metres.”

“A western wind system is present is the city and winds are expected to blow at high speeds today as well,” he added. “The western wind system will leave from the city by tomorrow evening.”

The PMD director further said that light rain is expected in the city during the day while rain with thunder is expected tonight and tomorrow. “Moderate rain with thunder is expected tonight and tomorrow morning in Karachi,” he said.

Some parts of the city, including Orangi Town, experienced light rain in the morning.

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