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FERB chief greets FBR for increasing number of filer to 1.8m

Our special Correspondent
LAHORE: Friends of Economic Reforms and Business (FERB) President
Kashif Anwar has said that the number of filers has been increased by
1.8 million which is a landmark achievement for Federal Board of
Revenue (FBR).

In a statement issued he said that the step will enable more and more
people to file their tax returns this year. The number of filers has
been increased by a number of 1.8 million which is also highly
cherished by the officials and the officers, he added.

He also lauded extension of date for filing returns by The Federal
Board of Revenue (FBR) and said that this is a good step which is
being highly appreciated by the business community.

“The step proved to be a confidence winning measure by the FBR and if
the FBR continues to facilitate the public in this way, it is very
much likely that the number of filers will increase more and more
every year,” he explained.

The need of the hour is to raise awareness among the public about the
importance of filing tax and tell them about the benefits and perks
that the filers enjoy in return of filing tax, the FERB president said
adding that it is also needed to create a filer-friendly environment
and diminish the culture of harassment that is faced by the existing

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