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LCCI VP calls on FBR chief commissioners

M Jahangir Hayat
LAHORE: Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) vice president Faheemur Rehman Saigal on
Monday had meetings with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chief commissioners after looming
complaints of traders and manufactures, owners of banquet and marriage halls and marquees against
the board officials’ raids in their premises.

CRTO Chief Commissioner Nadeem Rizvi and LTU chief commissioner Asim Majid assured the LCCI VP of
strict action against any uncalled and needless raids at the premises of the businessmen.
LCCI chief who was leading a delegation of traders and businessmen informed the chief commissioners
that the raids conducted by the FBR authorities have created an intense wave of harassment among the
businessmen, damaging the hard earned goodwill of the businessmen and their businesses.
He said that LCCI has always been advocating broadening of tax net and never advocated the evaders of
taxes at any cost.

“LCCI has been working like bridge between the departments and the business community. It always
wanted amicable resolution of the issues. We have never registered any person as our members who
are not registered taxpayers,” Saigal sated, adding that cohesive measure by the authorities can prove
damaging for the improving index of Ease of Doing Business in the country.

He admitted that there are many a black sheep among the rows of the genuine businessmen and they
must be dealt with the iron hand and for that LCCI is with the FBR authorities.

However, Saigal said that the genuine businessmen must be respected as they are paying huge taxes to
the government due to which it becomes possible for the government to run its business smoothly.
He added that the FBR are authorities should work to enhance tax net and that raiding premises of the
businessmen always tend to discourage the non-taxpayer to become taxpayers.

Replying to the questions put by the LCCI VP LTU and CRTO chief commissioners assured non-coercive
action and all out corporation to the chamber and business community.

The businessmen are very important for them as the taxpayers and they would go to every extent to
corporate with the genuine businessmen, they, however, said.

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