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Karachi-based fitness trainer powers high-profile clients to strength

LONDON: There’s a growing awareness about physical fitness in Pakistan and thousands of people are signing up every month to train and stay fit, a personal trainer for high profile clients from Karachi has said.

Usman Samir spoke to The News and Geo during his current visit to London where his services were engaged by his overseas clients for fitness consultancy. The clients, whose details cannot be shared due to confidentiality reasons, got in touch with the Karachi-based Samir after seeing his videos online.

“I was approached by these individuals to spend a few days with them and train them, set a training program for them and get them into training mode. It feels great to be appreciated for my work and I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to change the lives of so many individuals from all over the world. Getting people into the best shape of their lives is everything to me and I love that,” Samir said in Hyde Park.

Usman Samir is a British national but he lives permanently in Karachi. He studied at Karachi Grammar School and then came to England for boarding school.

“My passion for fitness ignited when I joined Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at the boarding school. I excelled in the outdoor army training drills and it motivated me to become better, faster, stronger in all aspects of life especially physically. I took training very seriously from then on and it has been a major part of my routine since then,” says Usman Samir, who is a firm believer in practising what you preach as a trainer.

Usman Samir has some of the biggest names of Karachi – from politics, business and corporate sector – as his clients. He trains these high-net clients exclusively. However, he is bound by contract not to reveal details of his clients to the media or at any public forum.

He said: “My clientele consists of the top people from business, politics in Pakistan. I train exclusively through reference only. I provide a bespoke training program for each individual client based upon their goal, their fitness level. I take all pre-existing injuries/muscle imbalances into consideration and we work together for a minimum period of six months, working on creating a stronger body and mind through the most effective form of training. I charge a premium for my services and I am fortunate enough to have the right clientele whom I learn a lot from about both life and business.”

Usman Samir comes from a wealthy Karachi-based business family. He joined his family in business when he moved from England to Karachi but his passion was not there.

He shared: “I was a fitness freak and my talents were always more towards the practical side of things. My PR skills were also very strong, this helped me develop my business into what it is today. A 9-5 desk job was definitely not for me. It was around six years ago that I saw a gap in the market within the fitness industry. I pursued my passion and was fortunate enough to turn it into my profession. Even though I come from an old business family, my parents urged me to pursue what I am passionate about. It was my own burning desire to become independent and make it on my own. It gave me the confidence and drive to push myself on a daily basis to achieve all that I have been able to accomplish so far.”

He said that the fitness industry is growing at an exponential rate in Pakistan. “I see a bright future for anyone who is passionate about health and fitness. People are becoming health conscious. The market is huge and so is the potential to become successful. My goal in life was to become a man that is worthy of respect and someone who is in a position to be of service to others. I am extremely grateful to be able to pursue my passion and spread positivity on a daily basis through my craft.”

He says that fitness has changed his life and as a result has put him in a position to change the lives of others in so many ways.

“My day starts at 4:30am. I start with a fast cardio session for an intense half an hour before heading out for work at 6am. My first session of the day starts at 6:30am. I stay busy with my work, training clients, training myself, meetings etc until 10:30 pm. I try to train myself about 2-3 times a day. Success is a habit, so make sure you choose your habits wisely. My success has a lot to do with my discipline and hard work.”

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