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Gender rights activists announces manifesto for Aurat March

Int'l Women’s Day

LAHORE: Gender rights activists from across Lahore will announce manifesto and programme for the Aurat March at the Lahore Press Club on Wednesday here.

 The Aurat March is being organised to mark the International Women’s Day on Friday, 8th March 2019. The participants will march to celebrate the women’s struggle and movement within Pakistan. This march is part of a series of peaceful marches across Pakistan, in Lahore, Hyderabad, Karachi and Islamabad, and we are joined under the banner “Hum Aurtain”. The march is open to all: women, transgender individuals, gender non-conforming persons, sexual minorities and men.

In Lahore, the marchers will gather at the Lahore Press Club on Davis Road at 2:30 PM and conclude the march at Alhamra Lahore Arts Council on Mall Road. Performances and speeches will be organised at Alhamra
to highlight issues of violence against female and trans bodies, economic justice, environmental justice, reproductive justice, inclusion for disabled persons and transgender individuals, police brutality, enforced disappearances and anti-war struggles.

Much like the Aurat March 2018, the marchers seek to express solidarity with women from across Pakistan to push for accountability and restorative justice against violence, standing with women who experience violence and harassment in the workplace, at home, in public spaces and at the hands of security forces. We stand arm-in-arm with women resisting economic exploitation at the hands of a patriarchal-capitalist structure as well as women speaking out against violence against them–from Khaisor to Lahore. We push for peace and
against: war, militarisation of our everyday lives and rhetoric of jingoism. By marching the streets we seek to reclaim public spaces that women are often excluded from and assert our right to collective political action.

The march is being organised under the banner of Hum Aurtein; a collective of feminist women, transgender individuals, non-binary persons and gender & sexual minorities who stand against patriarchal structures which results in sexual, economic and structural exploitation of women. The marchers identify their struggle as deeply
political; however are not aligned with any political party, organisation or corporation.

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