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Will retaliate against Indian aggression without thinking, PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan Tuesday vowed to retaliate against any Indian aggression without thinking after New Delhi accused Islamabad of involvement in the Pulwama attack.

“Pakistan will not think of retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate,” he pronounced.

Imran Khan addressed the nation in a video message and said India alleged Pakistan without any evidence. The premier told India to leave its “judge, jury and execution” approach. He said, “War is easy to start but difficult to end as it does not remain in human hands afterwards. It is not a sane approach to start a war.”

Imran Khan said New Delhi needs to rethink its policies regarding Kashmir because oppression against them will not improve the situation. He urged India to move towards dialogues.

He said Pakistan has no benefit in conducting such operations, especially when Islamabad was planning to sign historic deals with Saudi Arabia upon the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Only a fool would do such a thing to sabotage the visit of the crown prince. Pakistan is going towards stability and fighting against terrorism,” he added.

The premier said India is stuck in the past, it blames Pakistan ‘again and again’ whenever any unwanted incident happens. “This is new Pakistan,” he continued, “our interest is not in terrorism but stability.”

He offered India of full support in carrying out the investigations and guaranteed to take action ‘without any pressure’ against the responsible if India provides Pakistan with any evidence or intelligence.

“It is against our own interests if Pakistan’s soil is used to facilitate terrorists,” he affirmed. Imran Khan said terrorism is the issue of the whole region, and Pakistan itself is the biggest victim.

“70,000 people have been killed and $100 billion lost by Pakistan in war against terrorism,” the premier told.

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