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Zong franchise denies Khidmat card support money to holder

Our Special Correspondent
LAHORE: Zong franchise has denied support money to a holder of Khidmat
card as he cannot give his thumb impression due to accidental cut of
his hand, depriving his innocent kids even from milk.

Muhammad Aslam, a resident of Mazaffar Ghar has been visiting Zong
franchise for the last many weeks for receiving his support money on
account of Khidmat card given to him by the government of Punjab.

I have Rs 13000 in my account deposited by the government under
Khidmat card account for financial help. The Zong franchise has denied
me the money as I cannot give my thumb impression as I have lost my
hand,” Aslam told Daily The Business.

He said that he is a sole supporter of his family of six including
innocent sons and daughters.

“The authorties concerned should look for some way out enabling me to
receive my money which of utmost importance for me, he said, adding
that he is given Rs 1200 ever month and now the collected amount has
made a total of Rs13000 for he had not been given any solution for the
issue,” Aslam said.

He added that he has been suffering from a disease of nervous system
that has crippled his life.

He demanded of the government to intervene to resolve his issue.

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