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E-Challan system reduces 66pc % traffic violations incidents

LAHORE: “E-Challan system in Lahore is first of its kind and it has

resulted in 66% reduction in violations of traffic violation in this
category in last four months. With the directions of Lahore High Court
and support of Punjab Police and various departments of Government of
the Punjab this initiative was launched and it has considerably
improved the traffic system of Lahore and as per some reports there is
25% reduction in traveling time of individual travelers on daily basis
helping in reduction in demand of Fuel and improving the environment.
PSCA is implementing the E-Challan policy without any discrimination
and all LEAs, public and private persons are subject to same law
without any priority or exemption except Medical emergencies vehicles
or those authorized for security related operations”, these thoughts
were expressed by Chief Operating Officer Punjab Safe Cities Authority
while responding to the untoward, flawed and baseless narrative aired
by some local and foreign media houses about PSCA.

“Some important segments of society including some media houses,
national and international, are also subjected to same law but they
have wrongly conceived that PSCA officials are targeting their
unregistered vehicles or vehicles displaying wrong registration
plates. This has resulted in deliberate efforts to malign the system
and its effectiveness by presenting misleading information on many
aspects at local and international level”, he added while connoting
this phenomenon to a designed campaign in unethical retaliation of
valid law enforcement. While defining project’s priority he said,
“PSCA reserves the right to respond on each of such items however,
believes that public safety is the highest priority of the Authority
and we do not want to target any group, individual or segment of
society as everybody is subjected to same law as per the Constitution
of the Pakistan. PSCA has a secure system in all respects and we
continuously make efforts to improve its performance and plug any
possible operation or technical loopholes in this first ever state of
the art Integrated Command, Control and Communication Center of Punjab
Police in Pakistan and in south Asia.”

He concluded with a reiteration of transparent law enforcement by an
unbiased Team PSCA. The only remedy to avoid penalties is to abide by
the traffic rules and regulations, he added.

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