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Imran is name of change: Rao Farhat

Says PTI is the only political party which can bring changes in Pakistan

By Ali Imran

KHANEWAL: Rao Farhat Ullah is one of the famous political and social personalities of District Khanewal.
His political career is almost 25 years old because he belongs to a famous political Rao family of Khanewal. His father late Rao Nisar Ali was chairman Union Council Khanewal Whereas, Rao Farhat Ullah himself is the City President of PTI Khanewal.

While talking with The Business, he told that Imran Khan is the name of change and PTI is the only political party which can bring changes in Pakistan.
He further said that for new Pakistan, the changes are very necessary in every department especially in police department. Regarding this concern he gave suggestions of the terminology of the police department.

1. Make the service structure like CSP method and promotion should be on time
2. All the facilities which are providing to the Army should be given to the police department also.
3.Appointment should be on merit and skilled employees should be promoted. 4.Training , coaching and counseling should be given to every new appointed candidate especially mobile forces of police department
4. Police behaviour with the public should be respectable and polite .
5.Political interference should not be allowed in police department.
6. Insulting behaviour with the juniors should not be tolerated and that kind of officer should be suspended.
7.The budget for police department should be provided on time and completely so as every tool which is necessary for the department at concerning segment.
8. Increase the conveyance for every duty 9. Allowances like TA DA uniform, medical, education, house rent should be according to the modernity.
After providing these all facilities the censorship should be in every segment of police department and black sheep should not be only suspended but also terminated.
In all over the world in developed countries maximum budget, facilities, respect and control is given to the police department that’s why these kind of societies are peaceful and advanced, he added.

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