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US Plastic Industry sealed  for reprocessing bottles for beverages

Our Special  Correspondent
LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) under the supervision of
Director General Captain (R) Muhammad Usman raided US Plastic Industry
located at Band Road, and sealed it, on the charges of preparing empty
bottles for beverages after reprocessing non-food grade and polluted
Muhammad Usman said that the raid was conducted on the tipoff of PFA
Vigilance Cell on the site and caught red-handed. The authority has
seized 2000 prepared bottles, 950kg plastic resins, 600kg crushed
flakes and 2500kg preform of bottles within the premises. He said that
plastic bottles were being prepared after crushing used bottles and
their caps. He further said that wasted bottles were purchased from
different scrap shops at a fairly cheap price, however, bringing into
practice after recycling. Manufacturers can use only food grade
plastic for the preparation of plastic bottles, he said and added that
the use of non-food grade bottle is posing a serious threat to the
users’ health while causing fatal diseases. PFA would not allow anyone
to play citizens’ live for minting money, DG mentioned.

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