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Hammad stresses need to set up better intelligence system

The smuggling has destroyed legal businesses, Customs Dept working professionally: Chief Collector

By M J Hayat/Azhar ul Haq

LAHORE: There is a dire need to establish a better intelligence system in the Custom Department. The non-registered and illegally smuggled mobiles will be blocked after the deadline. It is hoped that Financial Action Task Force (FATF) will remove Pakistan’s name Pakistan from its gray list.

These views were expressed by State Minister of Revenue Hammad Azhar on the occasion of International Customs Day drugs burning ceremony held at the Wagha border on Saturday.
As many as 6,000 illegally smuggled wine bottles were destroyed and banned drugs set on fire in the presence of the Minister for Revenue and the Customs officials.

“Today we celebrated the International Customs Day with full zeal and zest and with the same determination we have to establish comfortable business-friendly atmosphere for the community.

“Already we have been undertaking long sessions of debate on serious issue pertaining to a viable business conditions in Pakistan,” Hammad Azhar said on the occasion.

“The smuggling has destroyed legal businesses in Pakistan and closed down factories that has turned millions of peoples unemployment.
“I have witnessed as how the businesses are being shutdown in Pakistan in front of me because we were unable to launch crackdown on smuggling.

“It is, therefore, that Pakistan-Iran and Pakistan-Afghan borders are being fenced by the Pakistan Army and with the upgradation of the anti-smuggling force, the smuggling activities will certainly tend to decrease to a significant level”, the minister said, adding that Pakistan is faced with huge mobile smuggling which is depriving
Pakistan of revenue worth Rs 15 billion.
“Imagine millions of people can excess clean water just by addressing
the issue of mobile smuggling and we have to opt for the out of the box
solutions,” Hammad Azhar said.
Azhar said that the Customs Dept is doing a good job by stopping
smuggling and collecting more revenue for the country and the progress
of department in this regard is appreciable.
He added that the upcoming visit of FATF delegation to Pakistan is
important and the state can better manage in all the business under the
guidance of FATF.
Chief Collector Customs Zeba Hai Azhar said that the Customs
Department is working very professionally and in systematic way which
helps to achieve the ambitious targets.
Collector of Customs Appraisement Jamil Nasir said that it is important
event for the officers to resolve to increase their efforts to meet the
“Customs Department is playing an important role for the collection of
revenue for the state and it should work in a more efficient way.

Lahore Preventive Collector Customs Faiz Ahmad added that this is
very important to share that the department has a team of professional
officers for the best outcome and this will establish better coordination
for intelligence.
On the occasion, Director Custom Intelligence Rubab Sikander,
Collector Custom Multan Ambreen Tarar, Collector Appeal Saima
Shahzad, Mubashar Baig Mirza, Zenab Khawaja, Umer Qasmi, Ali Zeb
Khan, Tayyaba Kayani, Rashid Munir, and others were present on the

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