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National Foods Limited highlighted for Family-Friendly Policies by International Finance Corporation (IFC)



Karachi: A recent case study, ‘Retaining Top Talent Through Family Friendly
Policies’ published by International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group, has
identified National Foods Limited as having family friendly policies for their employees.
The case studies feature a total of 5 companies which were evaluated on the basis of gender diversity
policies which enable these organizations to retain top talent. A few of the metrics evaluated were the
percentage of women working in these organizations, the support provided to their employees who are
working parents and also the business impacts of such family friendly policies.
National Foods has built a Daycare for their employees who are encouraged to bring in their kids and
toddlers who remain under the supervision of trained caregivers. National Foods has also incorporated
flexible work arrangements, which encourage employees to be attentive to their family needs without
compromising their work quality. Aiming to provide good benefits to its employees, NFL also provides
medical allowance on top of salary and health & life insurance. The Company has a 100% maternity
return rate showing that females are comfortable in working for NFL after becoming mothers.
The different policies which encourage a healthy work life balance has helped NFL in enabling their
employees to excel in performance which in turn puts the whole organization in an upward trajectory.
Speaking at the launch, Mr. Abrar Hasan—CEO of NFL said, ‘We are honored to be a strong advocate of
gender diversity. Such case studies help in establishing benchmarks in the industry, enlightening all the
players to build family friendly environments for their employees. Our goal is to become an employer of
choice for women’.
The event was graced by Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb, President & CEO of HBL, Mr. Zaffar Khan, former
CEO of Engro along with Mr. Ehsan Malik, CEO of PBC and Ms. Noorulain Zafer—CEO & Founder of Mind
Works International.

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