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Rescue and Health Department Comitted to Effective Utilization of Ambulances, DG Rescue Punjab



The Director General, Punjab Emergency Service Dr. Rizwan Naseer, SI,
appreciated all the District Emergency Officers & Rescuers for rendering excellent
services in transportation of more than 400,000 critical patients from lower to tertiary
/specialized healthcare facilities in Punjab since its start in February 2017 till date. While
presiding over a meeting of Rescue Officers at Rescue Headquarters, Dr. Rizwan
Naseer said that Patient Transfer Service has proved to be a blessing for the ailing
patients especially in rural areas of the province. The function of PTS was assigned to
Rescue as a part of health reforms in the province by providing around 500 functional
ambulances from the Health Department of Punjab. The Punjab Emergency Service
devised a robust mechanism to effectively operationalize the PTS ambulances including
establishment of Ambulance Service Desks in public Hospitals, Referral Proforma, PTS
Reporting Dash Board, dedicated PTS landlines, Installation of Trackers and Fuel
Monitoring System.
DG Rescue Punjab emphasized that the data of PTS shall be utilized to identify
the gaps in referral system and to further improve the coordination between the hospitals
and Ambulance Services. The salient features of PTS include free, safe & rapid
transportation of Patients without any discrimination from lower to higher health facilities
under supervision of trained paramedics and restriction of unnecessary referral of
patients which reduced the burden on tertiary care hospitals. The Provincial Monitoring
Cell of Rescue is efficiently monitoring the movement of all Ambulances round the clock
in order to ensure optimum provision of Transportation Services to the general public.
He said that better coordination and feedback system through establishment of the
ambulance service desks at public hospitals enhanced the swift response to all referral
calls from hospitals. The Patient Transfer Service has significantly improved the sense of
safety amongst citizens, he added. He said the Service has ensured best utilization of
available resources in an efficient manner and striving hard to extend further facilitation
to the public.

DD (Operations) presented overall analysis of PTS data and briefed the DG Rescue that
the highest out of district transportation of patients i.e. 19534 were made from District
Sheikhupura. Whereas, the highest transportation of patients within the district was
carried out by District Multan i.e. 17723. However, 347368 patients were referred to
higher Health facilities due to non-availability of facilities for advance treatment that is 86
% of total patient referrals. The data further revealed that 42253 patients were
transported to specialized/ tertiary care hospitals owing to non-availability of specialist
doctors that is 10.53% of the total referrals. DG Rescue 1122 lauded the contribution of
all district officers and rescuers for making the PTS successful.

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