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FC College holds BS Linguistics Orientation programe


Our Special Correspondent

LAHORE:  Forman Christian (FC) College holds BS Linguistics
Orientation program for the students who how wanted to explore their
career in linguistics.

The event was attended by a large number of students and was highly
appreciated by all attendees.

The students showed great interest in the event and a few of them
wished to share their experience of studying linguistics courses as
their minor.

The concept of ‘What Linguistics Is and the Reasons to Study
Linguistics’ was shared with students through video clips of David
Crystal, a world renowned linguist and Prof. Dr. Jurgen Handke, Prof
of Linguistics and a student of David Crystal.

After these clips, two students who had been studying linguistics
courses were also given an opportunity to share their experience
highlighted very pleasantly and positively. BS Linguistics Program
Coordinator Prof Azeem Alphonce  talked about Linguistics as a
multidisciplinary subject, why BS Linguistics at FCCU and what job
opportunities are there for those who major in Linguistics.

At the end, the linguistics faculty Azeem Alphonce, Fahad Aftab,
Jeremy Hawbaker, Alvina Waseem, Rehana John and Jacqueline Austin was
called upon to introduce themselves to the students and talk about
their qualification, experience, expertise and research interests.

The event was closed by the concluding remarks of the Chairperson
English department Dr. Kamal-ud-Din.

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