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Danish Embassy in Pakistan invites Danish chef, Adam Ebsen Karachi


Our Special Correspondent

LAHORE: The Danish Embassy in Pakistan has invited a Danish chef, Adam
Ebsen, to Karachi as part of its public diplomacy activities. As part
of a condensed program, Chef Adam Ebsen held a ‘Cook-off’ at Master
Class Pakistan on other day.

While Adam cooked a modern Danish dish at the head table, 30 Pakistani
gastronomic experts followed the lead in teams, competing against each
other and gaining a hands-on experience in preparing the same dish.
The participants enjoyed the workshop tremendously and learned about
the principles and methods of modern Danish – New Nordic – cuisine
emphasizing local sourcing, respect for local products and tradition,
simplicity in preparation and a perfect balancing of fragrances to
strive for a perfect combination in taste.

The top three teams were then selected by Ebsen, based on taste and
presentation, and won prizes from Denmark.

Prior to the workshop, the Danish Ambassador to Pakistan Mr. Rolf
Holmboe and Adam Absen delivered a brief talk followed by a quick quiz
that determined the participants of the workshop.

Speaking to the media on this occasion, Ambassador Mr. Rolf Holmboe
said, “We want to promote modern Danish – New Nordic – gastronomy
based on local sourcing, simplicity and perfect balancing of
fragrances and how this can work in fusion with Pakistani cuisine.
Denmark is re-thinking the whole food system, to fight food poverty
and food wastage, and to increase food sustainability and food
diversity. This is the basis for a healthy lifestyle. I love cooking
myself and I would wish for Pakistani men to also have an active role
in the kitchen at home.”

Adam Ebsen added by saying, “I am glad to be a part of this initiative
and I hope when people leave today, they leave with the new recipe and
most importantly, the school of thought of food preservation and cons
of food wastage.”

The event included key Pakistani chefs, restaurant owners, foodies,
food bloggers, social media influencers, journalists and the youth.
After the workshop, all guests got a chance to taste some Danish
finger food prepared by Adam Ebsen.


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