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Health practices of Lodhran


Samia Saleem, Sumara Rahman, Qamar Javaid, Misbah Rani &Shereen Ali

Lodhran is a district of Punjab having three tehsils and situated at the northern side of Sutlej River. District Lodhran was split off as a district from Multan on July 01, 1991. The Lodhran district connected with district Vehari, Bahawalpur, Multan, and Khanewal. Lodhran is spread over 1790 square kilometers. Every community of the world has its own cultural values and believes. In district Lodhran the people belong to various caste e.g. Saraiki and Punjabi. People of the community are literate and some are illiterate. Education is vital for every step of life, they are aware of health and diseases. Educated people used balance diet in a proper way and care about their health. They improve their health on a nutritional basis and daily exercise especially morning walk. They avoid using alcohol and smoking. Lodhran community has some specific and sanitary issues. Due to these issues, some diseases are very common and dangerous for the people of this community. Diarrhea among children due to contaminated water supply and taking soft drinks by adults are their bad habits.
Health beliefs model apply to improve health habits. Health Motivation: Educate the community and motivate about benefits of health. Perceived Vulnerability: Praise the habits, guide them about the alarming health and their signs/symptoms. Perceived cost and benefits: Guide them health is wealth, facilitate them to use government hospital services (cost less). Perceived Seriousness: Discussed with them, about the advantages and disadvantages of good and bad health practices, explain to them how wrong practices upshot their child health. We should take some steps to improve health through seminars, lectures, survey and awareness programme in communities. We can educate and motivate them for better health practices.
The writers are the students of BS Nursing at the University of Lahore.

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