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Authorities to check tampered weights: Sehrish 

By Atif Ishaq

SAHIWAL: In the case of weights and measures, consumers have no way of verifying the quantity of product they have purchased, such as the weight of some purchased vegetables or the volume of fuel put into a motor vehicle.  The current legal protections ensure that the goods offered for sale by quantity can be trusted because the amount has been determined by a legally controlled (prescribed) measuring instrument, independently monitored according to risk by local enforcement authorities.  By regulating measuring instruments used for trade, both consumers and business can be confident the quantity declared is accurate.

The assessment of weight or measure is an essential element in the process of commerce.  Standardisation of those weights and measures is the duty of every government across the globe.  Every assessment of weight or measure from the informal to international contracts relies on a common understanding of a reference point and unit of measurement. The district administration has constituted comprising technical field staff for regular deployment in Bazaars to inspect weights and scales on daily basis Assistant Commissioner (AC) Ms Sehrish Saad told Daily The Business.  A special squad will be present at Bazaars to ensure proper weight and redress customers’ complaints, she said while talking to this scribe, she  said it was imperative that people have access to essential items on controlled prices in addition  government has been set up to check tampering with weights and scales in bazaars to make sure people must get  what they paid for.

Sehrish   said stern action will be taken against those found involved in fraudulent practices. She said if found tampered, the officials will confiscate weights and scales and will impose a fine according the law at the spot. She said cases can also be framed against violators.

She added the prices of food items were also being monitored on regular basis  in the open market as well. She said special price control team had been assigned duties to take strict action against profiteers who been involved in any illegal activity .

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