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International Volunteer Day-5 December Salute to All Volunteers


It really gives me immense pleasure to write this article about International Volunteer Day (IVD)
designated by United Nation (UN) General Assembly to be celebrated on 5 th of December every
year. This year, IVD is being celebrated worldwide with a special focus on local community
volunteers, who contribute to make their communities more resilient against natural
disaster, economic stress and political shocks. In line to promote volunteerism and
contributing Sustainable Development Goals through volunteers participation, Punjab
Emergency Service was initiated Rescue Mohafiz Program as per provision of Section 5(g) of
Punjab Emergency Service Act 2006. Under this program, Master trainers from all
districts of Punjab have been trained at Emergency Services Academy and community
safety wings of all districts put their best efforts to promote volunteerism. With collective
and directional efforts, the officers of the Service provided awareness and trained in
total 500,000 community people in management of emergencies and safety promotion.
The Service aims for Mobilizing the Power of Humanity through registration & training of 1
million volunteers for safer and resilient communities in Pakistan. Alhamdulillah, uptil now total
500,000 community people have been sensitized and about 200,000 have been registered after
due process of volunteer registration and verification .Besides that 1,20,000 volunteers have
been trained on different courses of international standard like Community Action for Disaster
Response, Basic Life Support and Fire Safety etc. Furthermore, National Challenge for
Community Emergency Response Teams/ Volunteers have also been organized
from 26 th to 28 th November, 2018 at Emergency Services Academy, Lahore to assess,
analyze ,and encourage the best volunteer team on International Volunteers Day.
This is the day to promote volunteers contributions to development at local, national and
international level. Rescue 1122 worked in true letter and spirit in this regard by holding
Awareness Seminar, trainings, engagement of volunteers in different events and organizing
National Challenge for volunteers. The winner volunteer teams of this competition will be
awarded with Cash Prize , Logistic Support, whereas all participating teams will be awarded
with certificate of appreciation by the Governor Punjab and DG Rescue Punjab Dr Rizwan
Naseer. The grand event is being organized in collaboration with Voluntary Service Overseers
VSO to motivate, recognize volunteer work, and encourage volunteerism as volunteers are
driven by a desire to contribute to the well-being of their society, without expectation of material
reward, and their efforts always promote civic values, peace and social cohesion in the society.
Although retention of the volunteers for a long time in country like Pakistan always remained a
big problem but despite of the all such facts nobody can deny the strength and impact of power
of humanity when it comes in form of volunteerism.
On this special day, I salute to all volunteers especially who have practically contributed for
betterment and development in their respective communities. I am thankful to worthy Director
General, who entrusted me for leading this Community Safety Program for effective and

pragmatic involvement of youth. It is also essential to mention that it would have not been
possible without support of all seniors and colleagues of Headquarters, Academy and Districts.
This is collective effort of all of us and organizing Volunteers Challenge is a unique initiative, in
which the support of Dr Farhan Khalid Registrar Academy and his team especially the countless
efforts of Muhammad Ahsan Head of Safety are commendable. Thanks to all my seniors and
dear colleagues to support me to make this year successful with volunteers participation.
On behalf of the Service, I would like to congratulate all volunteer teams of Rescue 1122,
Pakistan Red Crescent and FOCUS for their participation in National competition, and special
appreciation for District Layyah for winning First Position, District Lahore for Second Position
and District Sheikhupura for third position in the competition. Many congrats to their DEOs and
RSOs who worked hard to achieve this recognition but all teams performed outclass so no need
to be discouraged, who didn’t got top three positions. Remember! Volunteer efforts never get
wasted, as it develops trust among the society, develop strong linkages between groups,
enhance harmony and limits the distance. I pay rich tribute to all volunteers for their continuous
motivation valuable contribution and being responsible citizen of their community. Salute to all

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