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Sectarianism: A self fulfilling prophecy in Pak


Hamna Ghias Sheikh

Sectarianism is basically an act of utilising religious means in order to mobilise one sects against another for the purpose of gaining political and economic gains.

There has always been a dispute in the interpretation of religious beliefs, scriptures, events etc. These disputes altogether gives birth to different groups with aspect of their religion that becomes their identity and gives birth to different “sect”.
The sectarian conflicts in Pakistan mostly refer to the attacks or the violence against the people on the basis of religion or any other issue. Sunni and Shia are considered as the major sects, who are living in Pakistan and are considered as the prominent and leading cause behind national disintegration in the society. Sectarianism is considered as a bitter problem which is being faced by the people of Pakistan in this contemporary world.
Basically, its seeds were sown for decades ago. These sects firstly used to live peacefully together. For centuries, it was considered as a common tradition to pray at the same mosques.
Though, both sects shares faith on the concept of monotheism and the finality of last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but the art of practicing that faith is entirely different in both of these sects.
But, since last few years Pakistan is under the serious sectarian crisis. The killing of innocent people without any particular reason just to serve the religion is increasing day-by-day in the country. The religion of peace is now being portrayed as religion of violence due to all such ongoing extremist activities in country now-a-days.
It is not wrong to say that, sectarianism is becoming a leading cause behind the national disintegration of the Pakistani society.
Sunni blames Shia community for the unrest and Shia further blames Deobandi for any particular reason just to led each other down. The way biasness and prejudice is being circulated in schools as well as in colleges ultimately promotes the idea of secularism in the young generation. Young generation is altogether an asset of Pakistan.
If they will fight against each other so how can we expect an integrated society. Moreover, the intolerance in religious affair is increasing day-by-day.
Every sect is intolerant against the opposing sect ultimately leading towards the main cause of disintegration of the people of particular society.
As everywhere there is a sense of insecurity and fear of murder due to the tussle in between different sects prevailing in the Pakistani society.
We the Muslims should follow the sayings of Holy Prophet in this regard that nobody is superior than other. Our Holy Prophet in his Last Sermon also declared that superiority is all in the hands of Allah and his last Prophet (PBUH).
Lastly, the element of intolerance is at its peak in Pakistani society. There is a problem in the temperament of society. Most of the time the opposing sect is infidel and due to the problem in the temperament of society they can be killed easily.
It is a kind of embarrassing phenomena that Muslim is being killed by the other Muslim. In all such scenario, one should work for the betterment of the society rather than distributing them into different sects. g

The writer is a student of
Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore

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