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LWMC clean mission clumsy fails to provide hygienic place to people

Insanitary conditions in Bahar Colony


By K A Mian

LAHORE: The poor sanitation and unhygienic condition in Bahar Colony is causing various diseases as the locality offers the ugliest sight, Daily The Business has learnt during a survey.
The LWMC has badly failed to provide hygienic condition to the citizens of the colony as the sanitation staff of the area had not carried out any cleanliness in the colony for many days.
General councilor Anser Khan Butt expressed concern over the poor sanitary condition in the colony while talking to this scribe here on Sunday.
He said that in the last one week no sanitary worker of the LWMC visited the colony as heaps of garbage and solid waste spoke volumes about their apathy towards the pressing problem of the colony.
Khan said that the LWMC had been requested on numerous occasions to look into the matter but they were not ready to address the public problem, saying that the department had shortage of staff and vehicles.
A visit to different parts of the colony shows that the LWMC workers did not remove garbage even on main streets of different localities. SMA Hai Road, Nasrat Road, Bishop Road, Dilkash Road, adjacent R & S-Block Model Town and other areas show an ugly scene. Heaps of garbage along the roadsides of main drain gives an impression to the motorists and passersby that refuse collecting vans did not lift garbage during the last one week or so, thereby creating a filthy environment in such localities.
A few tunnels of garbage were seen at small distance alongside the main drain road because of non-existence of containers and some people had disposed them of into main drain instead of placing the garbage on road. It was also witnessed by this scribe that main newly constructed drain has been starting dumped which is generating a problem in flowing of drain water. Residents of different localities complained that sweepers did not attend to their duties from last week, their streets remained littered with dirt and garbage.
Muhammad Iqbal Butt, a resident of Khawar Street told this reporter that majority people of this colony are educated and respectable citizens. He said most of them carried their household garbage from a far long area (Khawar Street, Mughal Street, Gill Chowk etc and thrown it into specific place alongside main drain as no containers have not been placed there since long. The door-to-door collection of garbage by LWMC has merely restricted to their statements and hollow slogans as even not a single sanitary worker collects waste from any home, Iqbal reiterated.
It is a bitter pill to swallow to face the unhygienic fettle for the Bahar Colony’s people, he remarked.
“Unfortunately, the streets and roads of the area are full of cavities and heaps of dirt are seen lying here and there. The sewerage system has become a defective as pools of stagnant water are found everywhere which is causing the breed of mosquitoes and flies and ultimately it may spread the epidemics,” he added.
Another resident of Mughal Street Dr Nagma Khaqan states that condition of road has spoiled, especially pedestrians cannot cross road and face a lot of troubles. If this state of affairs continues for a few more days, there is every likelihood of affecting some lives.
The resident of Bahar Colony’s people appealed to the Senior Minister for Local Government and Community Development Abdul Aleem Khan that this matter should be taken up seriously by the LWMC whereas some immediate steps must be taken to resolve this serious issue so that people could live comfortably.

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