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441 students graduate from Aga Khan University


KARACHI: Four hundred and forty-one students graduated in Nursing, MBBS, BDS and other Health Sciences disciplines from the prestigious Aga Khan University on Saturday.

Addressing the convocation ceremony, AKUH President Firoz Rasul said, “This year’s ceremony is especially significant as it marks 35 years since the university was founded.”

“So far, 15,000 students, including 10,000 women, have graduated from AKUH in the fields of education, nursing, medicine and others,” he added.

The university president further said, “The AKUH has contributed $1 billion annually in Pakistan’s economy and has made research in several disciplines of medicine.”

The chief guest at the convocation, Kashf Foundation Founder and Managing Director Roshaneh Zafar extended her congratulations to the graduating class and encouraged them to continue their quest for knowledge through the experience of serving others.

In 1983, His Highness the Aga Khan, founder and chancellor accepted the charter of the University. So far, the university has grown to include five campuses and three teaching sites in three continents namely Asia, Europe and Africa.

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