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Resolving issues of business community is our responsibility: BMP

Lahore: Resolving issues of business community is our responsibility. I am contesting the election with the sole passion of serving business community not to rule. We all have to plan for the growth of Country’s economy and people’s benefit said the presidential candidate of the BMP, former chief minister Balochistan Allauddin Marri while talking to delegations of various association and businessmen during their visit to BMP election office. BMP’s chairman Mian Anjum Nisar and senior vice chairman Mian Zahid Hussain said on the occasion that our struggle is to resolve the long awaited and critical issues of the traders, industrialists and investors which are being ignored by the so called ruling group of the FPCCI.
In the backdrop of growing construction sector in the world marble exports have been increased but due to outdated extraction methods and lack of latest equipments, marble industry is underdeveloped, despite availability of 50 types of marbles in the Country. More than 200 marble manufacturing units are operating on the half capacity causing the daily production loss of Rs. 27 million to the industry. Around 200 quarries are closed in the Baluchistan province owing to disputes among different clans. Pakistan’s share in the $ 62 billion international marble market is less than 1 percent. In FY 2017 marble exports was declined by $ 18 billion to $ 40 billion than that of $ 58 billion in the FY 2016. Government should resolve the issues of this sector, so that this important industry may play its role in increasing the Country’s foreign exchange. Establishment of marble industry parks with Chinese collaboration is suggested for the growth of this sector.
Niaz Muhammad Durrani, Muhammad Karam Khan Achakzai, Haji Basil Khan, Muhammad Saleem Khan of All Pakistan Marble Industries Association, Izhar ul Haq Qamar, Chaudhry Amjad, Jawed Essani, Altaf Hussain of Pakistan International Freight Forwarders Association, Shabbir Hassan Mansha of Pakistan Artificial Leather Importers and Merchants Association and various prominent business personalities were present on the occasion.
Allauddin Marri, the presidential candidate of the BMP while interacting with the representatives of the business community said to attain the milestone of economic stability, growth of business community and safety of the investors; we all need to make collective criteria. The country’s economy is facing the difficult phase and it is mandatory for the Businessmen Panel Pakistan to win the FPCCI election in order to counter the problems faced by the Economy and Trade.
Mian Zahid Hussain said that if the ruling group of the FPCCI  have had focused on the resolution of business community’s problem we would not have been be in this situation and our exports would have been developed but nothing has been done except self gains, favouritism and photo sessions. Problems of the service sector need to be addressed and resolved immediately. The international market of the artificial leather is anticipated to be $ 33 billion by 2023; to raise Pakistan’s share, the government need to focus on value addition.
The representatives of the business community and delegations showed their confidence and trust on the leadership of the Businessmen Panel Pakistan and reassure their support in contesting the forthcoming election with full courage and cooperation to achieve victory in the FPCCI elections 2019.

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