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PakLab exhibition to attract over 200 exhibitors


Lahore: Over 200 exhibitors, including 40 foreign firms, are
participating the PakLab exhibition on Wednesday. The event comprises
the expo, conferences and around 1,000 buyer-seller meet, is expected
to receive 7,500 visitors, said PakLAB organizers.
The 2-day event, second in the series being organised by B2B Media at
Lahore Expo Centre, brings together national and international
exhibitors, consultants, business experts and key government officials
under one roof to discuss the best global practices and seek solutions
to some of the most imperative challenges related to the industry,
they said.
They said that Paklab expo-2017 provided platform for discussions,
research and personal experience that had been attended and exhibited
by over 150 exhibitors. they determined the industry had a significant
need for a more robust way to gather information on all of the
activities taking place during events. That information can then be
analyzed, parsed and turned into actionable intelligence that benefits
everyone involved in the trade show experience.
They pointed out that the forecasted wide range of benefits for
exhibitors and visitors that had been experienced last year as the
ideal venue for showcasing the latest products, services and supplies
used in laboratories and field applications. They said that last year
extortion attracted leading analytical instrumentation companies from
more than 15 countries around the globe.
They told that 80 percent of PAKLAB 2018 attendees would be decision
makers that the exhibitors would be gaining competitive advantage over
their competitors.

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