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Reports trigger wide spread fear, apprehension in consumers

‘Broiler chicken can cause cancer’


By Azhar-ul-Haq Wahid

LAHORE: The reports that ‘broiler chicken can cause cancer’ has triggered wide spread fear and apprehension among the consumers while the others have urged authorities concerned to initiate through investigations into the matter ensuring the safe usage of the chicken which is one of the major diet component of the general public.

Following the publication of a report published in a section of the local media quoting the research report of the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) report, the consumers are mulling to cut down the usage of ‘broiler chicken to avoid serious health issues to them and their loved one.

“I am the regular consumer of the broiler chicken and my kids are addicted to the chicken however, since a report with the headline, broiler chicken can cause cancer,’ I am seriously thinking of quitting the usage of the chicken,” a housewife, Nasreen,  who was purchasing mutton in Ichra market told Daily The Business.

“I have shifted to fish and meat from the chicken for the life f my family. I cannot take any risk unless the government and the authorities concerned clarified their position whether or not the consumption of chicken is harmful for the human health,” Numan Aslam, a customer at the Lahore Tollinton Market said.

“This is very serious issue and the responsible in public and private sector both should explain the actual position the general public,” he added further.

Others including Yasir, Sulman, Shaista, Mobeen in Township, Greentown and Shahdra also expressed the similar view and concerns.

President Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) Former chairman Abdul Basit responded that these reports are fabricated and baseless and have nothing to do with the health f the consumers.

The Chicken is 100 percent safe and health for the consumers and the citizens should use fearlessly.

He also stated that they will go to the public and to explain the safe use of broiler chicken which does not have any harmful element in the feed.

The Chairman PPA Dr Muhammad Aslam said that the FDA report is fictitious and baseless. “We are producing the poultry feed with just two components which are Soybean and Corn.

Poultry forms and millers have invested millions just to produce the quality broiler; he said adding that a little change in the method of poultry feed always resulted in quick death of chickens.

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) spokesperson was contacted for the version of the authority, he could not be reached despite several attempts.

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