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Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi

Man who told me even a single word stays teacher to me.
Hazrat Ali R.A.

Once we fall in value and dignity of this golden saying we won’t be able to touch its bottom as learning process carries on with our life.
Numberless people come into our life we learn from one way or the other and the learning can be there in form of a word, speech or art rendering them status of a teacher. Teacher deserves a respect extremely necessary.
Every man is there with a prerogative to be respected. One can feel the beauty, the elegance of the words uttered by Hazrat Ali R.A.
A beauty starts from a man happens to form a society where everybody does have a consideration that:
“Man is higher than skies and respect given to him is the real edification &quot, And if we are made to define the term with a teacher before us then the term gets multiplied. Here we should not spare Alexander The great whose words now a quote wake us up

Dr. Mujahid Kamran was made to appear before the accountability court in handcuffs.

The news took me aback. Pride of performance Dr Mujahid Kamran has been a Professor
of Physics, Chairman of Physics Department, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at Punjab University, Vice Chancellor of Punjab University from January 2008 to December 2016 and author of a number of books on
various topics.

Is there any charge of fraud or embezzlement? Is he a kidnapper who demanded money in exchange for releasing the captive?
Did he lend respectability to some nefarious activity? Or is he the one from some armed gang committing violent robberies? But the truth shielded me from suspicions. Dr. Mujahid Kamran is accused of making illegal
appointments in the University, giving away scholarships to the students who were not eligible and he also made unlawful appointment of his wife in Punjab University Law College.

Investigations are underway and the allegations leveled against Dr. Kamran are yet to be proved false or true.

Here I remember men involved in murder, kidnapping, rape etc.
etc. who were and are provided with facilities in jails and enjoy a protocol of its own kind only because they are either wealthy or from a strong political backing. And sometimes jail authorities bluntly refuse to produce the
incorrigible criminals before the court with a plea that nature of case is sensitive so may create disturbance for the administration.
Now what about the agony every sensitive heart was made to suffer when an educationist was produced before the court handcuffed.

I can't understand Why a handcuffed production was thought necessary for Dr Kamran who is going to be 68 on 23 Jan, 2019. At first a law abiding Dr Mujahid Kamran cannot run away from their custody and if at all he does so why can't the NAB men who are definitely below 60 (particularly when a 25 year old NAB boy can be there with a threat to slap in face of senior citizens) shall be well in a position to pounce on Dr Mujahid Kamran and get hold of him.

Teacher is a person who transcends boundaries where words stand with their general meaning. It is he who transforms words into states and pass the states onto his students. All kind and benevolent a teacher
creates an environment where students are irrigated positive-ness, where they come to know about the true meaning of citizenship, refinement and civilization. It is moral support from the teacher that completes the process.
If the dreams nations see in particular context of their literature, culture, science and in short every sphere of life come true the credit goes to the teacher for his is a characteristic of construction and not destruction. We
can’t dare to ignore the fact that real youth lies in a teacher’s person who receives men frail both physique and spirit and returns them all healthy, positive and sound both physique and spirit.

Dr Mujahid Kamran was released from camp jail on 8 Nov, 2018 and I am here with a prick When will we learn to honour the dignitaries? Actually we don’t know how to walk and lay bound with chains of darkness placed around our brains.

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