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World Television day to be celebrated on Nov 21


ISLAMABAD: Like other parts of the globe, United Nations (UN) World Television Day will be marked on November 21 (tomorrow) including Pakistan, the day recognizes that television plays a major role in presenting different issue that affect people.

World Television Day helps people remember the beneficial purposes of television and World Television Day is a day to renew governments, organizations and individuals commitments to support the development of television media in providing unbiased information about important issues and events that affect society.
News about World Television Day may be shared via print, online and broadcast media. Television and radio bloggers may write comments, editors may write in the editors columns, and writers, academics and journalists may write feature articles about the meaning behind this event.
The UN acknowledges that television can be used to educate many people about the world, its issues and real stories that happen on the planet. Television is one of the most influential forms of media for communication and information dissemination.
It is used to broadcast freedom of expressions and to increase cultural diversity. The UN realized that television played a major role in presenting global issues affecting people and this needed to be addressed. On December 17, 1996, UN General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day to commemorate the date on which the first World Television Forum was held earlier that year.
The UN invited all member states to observe the day by encouraging global exchanges of television programmes focusing, among other things, on issues such as peace, security, economic and social development and cultural change enhancements.

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