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Let’s secure our tomorrow

Shakeela Jabeen Qureshi

A time will come when we will give loans to others. PM Imran Khan. The straightforward, genuine statement put my heart into ecstasy. Having come back from Saudi Arabia PM Imran Khan said this while addressing the nation with full confidence. Behind this confidences was the success our Prime Minister achieved $6b relief package from Saudi Arabia. Success enhances confidence and our Prime Minister is naturally a confident man and is all sincere to the motherland. But being sincere only doesn’t do till the time we are provided with sources because sometimes ground facts go in contradiction to what a sincere mind thinks.
Unfortunately, our treasure chest is empty and even if it is filled a big chunk of it will go in paying off debts. PM Imran Khan’s passion and sincerity cannot be called into question. He will take every possible measure to make his country strong and stable. This is also a fact that $6b relief package is there for Pakistan and not for Imran Khan. It is regretful that people from amongst us do have reservations with reference to this relief package like:-
1. How the Prime Minister felt comfortable to go and ask for assistance from Saudi Arabia while in near past he himself has been saying that it goes heavy on him when men at the helm of affairs in Pakistan resort to IMF, KSA and China to beg money and also surrender before the strict conditions laid by IMF. Once PTI is a ruling party we shall never beg.
2. Just one month back Saudi Arabia bluntly refused to render us any sort of help owing to her own ailed economic conditions. Thus the point gets favour that some secret deal is there between the two countries which the masses should come to know about.
3. Imran visited Saudi Arabia when the whole west is demonstrating a hard protest against the assassination of Saudi national Jamal Khashogi in Turkey and is seriously thinking about putting sanctions against Saudi Arabia and PM Imran Khan has not uttered a single word to condemn Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman on this cold-blooded murder.
Now the questions is do our rulers despite taking loans from IMF and other foreign states keep the treasure chest empty only to reproach their successors? If Imran Khan in near past did say any such thing we should be here to understand that he was not part of the government at that time and there is acute difference between government and the man there outside the government. So if a person other than government happens to say anything it cannot be and it should not be a scale of judgement. Because priorities keep on changing in accordance with time, place and circumstances. Simultaneously PM Imran Khan does not have any Alladin’s lamp that he shall fill the treasure chest in milliseconds. First of all we should listen and admit what our Prime Minister says because he is not a common man and whatever he says he says it in capacity of a Prime Minister. The more this is not a matter of day or so rather it goes back to years and years together that Saudi Arabia has been and is our dear and loyal friend and she never shrinks back whenever we are there in our hard times.
So far as Jamal Khashogi murder is concerned it is not that west loves Khashogi actually they are habitual of playing cards that pave their path to where they are all easy to quench thirst of their enmity with Muslims. Jamal Khashogi was a harsh critic of Saudi rulers particularly crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman which might have put them in trouble though trouble, pain should not be compensated with such heinous acts. This is wrong and immoral.
I think that west and particularly America should not go so sorrowful, so enraged on assassination of one single man. The west should know that a crime or a murder stands nowhere in comparison to the mindset America exhibits when she even develops a suspicion about some man or state that may endanger America. Then what to say of a single unarmed man. She happens to set countries on fire. Everybody knows the time when America was in her sorrowful states (Self-made) after 9/11 and bent upon taking precautionary measures we not only hugged her but also offered her our soil to let her do anything on her own free will. And we were justified because this is what love and respect demands of us. And that was not a secret deal. Everything was open and declared. No matter thousands of our people gave their lives, we destroyed our economy and were honoured with title of a terrorist state that is always said to “Do More” Thus the proverb went wrong, Love Begets Love.
“Masses will be choked to death” A noise raises tearing our auditory nerves if our Prime Minister says about an increase in electricity, gas tariffs. Come on, masses are not aliens.
They are Pakistanis and they love Pakistan. They should know that for the soundness of coming generations they have to observe fast. Fasting besides its numberless advantages fetches us happy occasion of Eid and one cannot celebrate Eid if does not observe fasts. All we have to do is to go frugal and patient to make our home blessed and happy. Let’s secure our tomorrow.

• The writer is a freelance contributor

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