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Protesting dock workers of Port Qasim establish street school to continue their kids’ education

Karachi, Nov 18: To save future of their kids among growing financial crisis due to non-payment of salaries, dock workers of Port Qasim has started a weekly makeshift street school at their sit-in camp established for last 55 days in front of Karachi Press Club.

Majority of these kids are out of school on account of non-payment of fees, after which misery of dock workers is increased. As a mitigation step, workers have started this street school in their camp where on one side, kids were being taught while their parents were protesting for their demands on other side.

We are very eager to continue our school again but our fathers have not money to pay fees since last few months. We are disturbed and looking towards end of this misery, small kids told reporters here on Sunday.

We are not paid our salaries of last five months and are being asked sacked by the Chinese company handling two births at Port Qasim. We could not even pay school fees on time causing mental stress for our kids too. To reduce kids stress, we have started this school here, workers told.

Akhlaq Ahmed Khan, President, Workers Union of Port Qasim CBA vowed that they won’t allow anyone to destroy future of our kids. We will continue this street school on every Sunday until demands are met, he warned.

We want that Dock Workers (regulation of employment) Act 1974 should be implemented as done at Karachi Port Trust. Port Qasim Authority should issue cards to dock workers which are pending since years and years. We should be paid our pending salaries and our charter of demand be accepted, he demanded.

Akhlaq Ahmed Khan said that few government representatives are trying to convince us to end this protest on their verbal assurances but we will not end it until get written agreement, he clarified.

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