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IO of Lahore police directed to irected to initiate inquiry against cops


Our Special Correspondent

LAHORE: Investigation officer of Lahore police, in a case against a boy and a lady who was spotted in a car together,  has been directed to initiate a regular inquiry of all involved Police cops.

Spokesperson of Lahore Police has said that on 02-10-18, three Police cops stopped a car number AGH-890 for checking in the area of Ghalib Market Police Station. There was a young boy with lady in that car.
Young boy showed resistance and called his friends who kidnapped and subjected cops to brutal torture. FIR no 923/18 of the incident was registered and investigation was started.

During investigation, it was of the opinion that Police cops were used to make video clips of such couples to blackmail and get handsome money. Investigation officer has been directed to initiate regular inquiry of all involved Police cops. A chance will be provided to all of involved Police cops to submit their proper version. Moreover another investigation has been initiated to investigate the kidnapping incident of the cops. There is no any pressure on Lahore Police and hundred percent merits will be ensured.

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