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IESCO’s crackdown against power theft proves result oriented: CEO


ISLAMABAD: Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Islamabad Electric Supply Company Ltd (IESCO) Ch.Shahid Iqbal Saturday said that crackdown against power theft was being carried out at divisional and sub-divisional level aiming at bringing all power thieves under constitution.
While talking to a private news channel, he said government was committed and striving hard to stream line all major issues including power theft as this remained main cause of load shedding and corruption in the country.
He further said that the district administration, police and special committees formed for curbing power theft were proved supportive during the operation.
He pointed out “We are getting marvelous result of this operation as hundreds of FIRs have been filed against the culprits and the recovered money will be added in national kitty”.
He stressed for the first time in many years, a government had shown its firm resolve to address the perennial issue of power theft, which was at the heart of ever-mounting circular debt.
“Power theft is widespread issue in the country and is known to all but none of the former governments can succeed in tackling the menace effectively and only the incumbent government is taking effective measures and asked not to tolerate burden on honest consumers due to dishonesty of others.”
He said department was taking strict action against the thieves as number of electric meters were also disconnected due to power theft and after the recovery of fine these would be restored.
He requested all consumers living around the area of IESCO to complain against the power theft on number 118 and could also message on 8118 adding the names of complainers would be kept in secret.

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