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Utmost integrity need of hour for socio economic uplift: Jawan Bakht


M J Hayat

LAHORE: Provincial Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht has
said that in order to bring in foreign investment in the country
menace of the corruption has to be dealt with iron hands ensuring
utmost integrity in the nation’s socio-economic life.

The minister stated by while addressing a ceremony held by the
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) here in connection with the
upcoming International Corruption Day.

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Director Syed Muhammad Hasnain
and others were present on the occasion besides a large number of
students from across the Punjab province participated in the
brainstorming debate competition on the menace of corruption in the

Jawan Bakht added further that the current government is strictly
observing zero tolerance policy regarding corruption whereas as NAB is
also leaving no stone unturned to eradicate corruption.

He said that corruption is not restricted just to the politics but has
also made its way to the personal lives of the individuals destroying
the whole fabric of the society.

“We must have ensured integrity as the operational losses do not
matters bad as the loss of integrity of institutions and the nations.
In order to attract the world to the country to invest here we would
have to be fair in our dealings. Awareness against corruption in youth
would be our actual success,” he said that adding that the menace of
the corruption has proved cancerous for the Pakistani society as a

He, while appreciating the efforts of NAB on International
Anti-Corruption Day said that conducting inter-district debating
competition is a healthy activity to raise awareness among the youth
who are the future builder of Pakistan and will take charge of the

Talking at the occasion, the minister said that progress is not
possible unless we determine to follow all the ethical regulations in
every field of life.

He said that the eradication of corruption from business is the
ultimate ethics to follow and that the current government is all set
to follow all the ethics.

He was of the view that Corruption is a serious crime that can
undermine social and economic development in all societies. No
country, region or community is immune.

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