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Lahore Police has handed over more than 01 crore and 18 lacs rupees among victims

Staff Reporter: SSP Operations Lahore Captain ® Mustansir Feroze has said on this occasion that Lahore Police has handed over more than 01 crore and 18 lacs rupees among victims after arresting 220 accused of 89 gangs in crackdown against street crime, dacoity and burglary. On confidential information, Police launched grand operation against illegal weapon and recovered 03 Kalashnikovs, 28 rifles, 02 guns, 392 revolvers & pistols, 02 daggers and 2491 bullets after arresting 423 accused. 807 drug peddlers have been arrested and recovered 13kg heroine, 208kg chars, more than 04kg opium and 6170 bottles of liquor from their procession. The amount more than 4 lacs rupees have also been recovered from gamblers and arrested 517 accused. 791 accused have been arrested during the campaign against one wheeling, kite flying, aerial firing, price control, foreigner and loudspeaker act. Lahore police has also launched crackdown against brothel houses and arrested 192 accused after registering cases. He further on this occasion that all divisional SPs have been given the task to launch grand operation against accused involved in street crime. There is no any kidnapping from ransom, extortion and any organized crime in the city.  Law and order situation in the city is under control and peaceful.

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