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Minister for Revenue assured full support in enhancing revenue collection

FBR nets 55% more IT returns over corresponding period last year


M J Hayat

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of the office-bearers and members of the
Pakistan Tax Bar Association met Minister of State for Revenue Hammad
Azhar here at FBR House to ensure him full support in FBR’s efforts
for enhancing revenue collection.

The delegation told the Minister the members of the Pakistan Tax Bar
Association were willing to work with the FBR in any possible way for
enhancing the tax revenues and promoting a tax compliance culture in
the country.

The Minister appreciated their gesture and told them the government
was fully committed to broadening the tax base and introducing
equitable taxation whereby all those who had taxable income or
businesses, would come up and contribute their due share of taxes
towards the revenue generation and resource mobilization efforts of
the government. “Raising the tax revenues is the key to implementing
the socio-economic agenda the PTI government has planned to take
Pakistan forward as a prosperous and strong country in the comity of
nations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has registered a landmark 55
per cent increase in the number of Income Tax returns filed until 10th
of October this year as compared to the corresponding period last

FBR has until 10.10.2018 received 482,275 Income Tax returns for the
Tax Year 2018, which are 170,208 more than the 312,067 Income Tax
returns received for Tax Year 2017 by the same date, registering an
impressive increase of 55%.

The increase in the filing of Income Tax returns envisages the
confidence of taxpayers upon the policies of the Government, FBR, as
well as the stability of e-filing system.

FBR, as a part of its ongoing strategy, is committed to providing
seamless availability round the clock by using modern techniques to
bring about efficiency and effectiveness in tax collection.

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